Bypass a proxy with SSH Tunnel and tsocks under Ubuntu

After trying a lot of things to bypass my enterprise proxy, I finally found a solution which seems to work correctly with every applications.

So here is how I did under Ubuntu (a Debian based distribution).

Server side, you need an SSH server

Client side, enable the Universe packages

Use Synaptic, or uncomment the correct lines in /etc/apt/sources.list

Update and install tsocks and gstm

Configure tsocks

Edit /etc/tsocks.conf

Delete all the content and add these lines :

Configure gSTM (Applications > Internet > gSTM)

Click on Add button, you can leave the default name

In the Tunnel configuration enter the detail of your SSH server

Click on the Add button in Port redirection

Set Type to dynamic and port to 1234

Validate then click Start

The light should turn green (your server’s password should be asked)

Configure the preloader

Edit /etc/ (create the file if needed)

Add the line

Save the file

Enjoy proxy bypass

Try to launch your web browser, be sure to disable all proxy configuration, and check your IP address, it should be your SSH server IP address.

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